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PDF An Architecture for Real-Time Reasoning and System.

The Procedural Reasoning System, a generic reasoning system based on the rational-agent architecture, is described. The system has been applied to. An Architecture for Real-Time Reasoning and System Control Francois F. Ingrandyz Michael P. George LAAS/CNRS Australian Arti cial Intelligence Institute 7, Avenue du Colonel Roche 1 Grattan Street, 31077 Toulouse Cedex, France Carlton, Victoria 3053, Australia E-mail: felix@ E-mail: george @aaii.oz.au Anand S. Rao Australian Arti cial Intelligence Institute 1 Grattan Street, Carlton. Abstract: The Procedural Reasoning System, a generic reasoning system based on the rational-agent architecture, is described. The system has been applied to several real-time applications, including mobile robot control, system control for a surveillance aircraft, and air traffic management. Real-Time AI Systems: A Definition and An Architecture Rajendra Dodhiawala, N. S. Sridharan, Peter Raulefs, Cynthia Pickering. A Real-Time Architecture We now present a real-time knowledge processing architecture, RT-1, which conforms to the real-time. The Reasoning Process The reasoning architecture, shown in Figure 3, is based on the. REAL-TIME CONTEXT AWARE REASONING IN ON-BOARD INTELLIGENT TRAFFIC SYSTEMS An Architecture for Ontology-based Reasoning using Finite State Machines Arjan Stoter, Simon Dalmolen, Eduard Drenth, Erik Cornelisse and Wico Mulder Logica,.

CiteSeerX - Document Details Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda: The development of systems capable of handling and diagnosing malfunctions in real time has long been of considerable practical importance. This paper describes the architecture of such a system, called the Procedural Reasoning System PRS. PRS is based on the notion of a rational agent that can reason and plan. An architecture for dual reasoning Peter Carruthers This chapter takes for granted the existence of some sort of real distinction between System 1 and System 2 reasoning processes, and asks how they are realized in the human mind−brain. In contrast with the usual view of the two systems as distinct.

An Architecture for Reasoning with Terminological Systems Article PDF Available in Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association · January 2001 with 19 Reads How we measure 'reads'. Automation of these tasks can be expected to improve mission productivity and safety, increase versatility, lessen dependence 2 Procedural Reasoning System on ground systems, and reduce demands for crew involvement in system control. PRS is designed to be used as an embedded, real-time reasoning system. An Architecture for Real-Time Control in Multi-Robot Systems Daniel Althoff, Omiros Kourakos, Martin Lawitzky, Alexander Mo¨rtl, Matthias Rambow, Florian Rohrmu¨ller, Drazˇen Brsˇcˇic´, Dirk Wollherr, Sandra Hirche and Martin Buss Abstract This paper presents a novel robotic architecture. AnArchitecture forReal-TimeQualitative Reasoning Developmentofqualitative, or model-based,. applying qualitative reasoning to real-time problems. Todate, these efforts have focused. build onrelated workonoperating systems to support real-time AIStankovie et. al. 1989 and onplanning the problem-solvingprocess L4 6 8. References. This paper describes an architecture which supports the user of a CBR system during the modelling and maintaining of the used knowledge. Different maintenance operations are described and. An architecture for maintaining case-based reasoning systems SpringerLink.

Real-Time Reasoning: the Case of Surveillance Systems Daniela Micucci - Marco Oldani - Francesco Tisato D.I.S.Co. –Universita’ degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca Via Bicocca degli Arcimboldi 8, 20126 Milano, Italy micucci,oldani,tisato@disco. Abstract The paper presents a layered architecture for real-time surveillance systems. Abstract. In this paper, PRIMES Progressive Reasoning and Intelligent multiple MEthods System, a new architecture for resource-bounded reasoning that combines a form of progressive reasoning and the so-called multiple methods approach is presented.

Real-Time AI SystemsA Definition and An Architecture.

The development of systems capable of handling and diagnosing malfunctions in real time has long been of considerable practical importance. This paper describes the architecture of such a system, called the Procedural Reasoning System PRS. “main” — 2010/5/7 — 17:04 — page 208 — 2 208 AN ARCHITECTURE WITH AUTOMATIC LOAD BALANCING FOR REAL-TIME SIMULATION AND VISUALIZATION SYSTEMS 1 INTRODUCTION Multithread architectures on PC are getting more and more com-mon with the development of multi-core processors and the new. In artificial intelligence, a procedural reasoning system PRS is a framework for constructing real-time reasoning systems that can perform complex tasks in dynamic environments. It is based on the notion of a rational agent or intelligent agent using the belief–desire–intention software model. A user application is predominately defined, and provided to a PRS system is a set of.

A Proposed Hardware and Software Architecture for a Robotic System Gutemberg S. Santiago and Adelardo A. D. Medeiros Abstract—To manage the procedure of capturing, processing, and delivering all sensory information acquired by a complex robotic system, a robot architecture is. May 01, 2015 · Architectural patterns for real-time systems 1. Architectural Patterns for Real-time Systems Software Engineering 10 2. Architectural patterns Stereotypical ways of organizing the architecture of a particular type of software system 3. Observe and React Environmental Control Process Pipeline 4. of distributed real-time access control systems. This Standard specifies the architecture for a distributed real-time access system taking into account the many technologies and the framework of ECMA-412. The architecture specifies the layer concept of the system,. within the blackboard architecture[17]. However, in order to solve real-time problems with hard deadlines using a blackboard system, we need to have: 1 a predictable blackboard execution loop, 2 a representation of the set of current and future tasks and their estimated durations, and 3 a model of how to modify those tasks when. The multi-agent approach has been successfully used for solving more and more complex problems. Recent work carried out in that field has shown the benefits it provides for building decision support applications in a complex realtime environment. We will herein present some work in the field of Command, Control, Communications and Information C3I systems, that has been carried out in the.

PDF Real-time reasoningthe monitoring and control of.

Real-Time Design Patterns: robust scalable architecture for Real-time systems / Bruce Powel Douglass. p. cm.—The Addison-Wesley object technology series Includes bibliographical references and index. alk. paper 1. Real-time data processing. 2. Software patterns. 3. Computer architecture. I. Title. II. Series. qa76.54.D68 2003 004'.33—dc21. We propose an embedded architecture aimed for the applications of rule-based reasoning systems with real-time restrictions. Such systems are utilized mainly for monitoring, on-line diagnostics and control applications, particularly in the domains of process control, automotive industry, medical applications and other critical systems. Combining Case-Based Reasoning and Reinforcement Learning for Unit Navigation in Real-Time Strategy Game AI Stefan Wender and Ian Watson The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand s.wender@cs.auckland.ac.nz, ian@cs.auckland.ac.nz Abstract. This paper presents a navigation component based on a hy / Real-time context aware reasoning in on-board intelligent traffic systems: An Architecture for Ontology-based Reasoning using Finite State Machines. Proceedings of the3rd International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence. SCITEPRESS, 2011. pp. 637-642.

Software Architectures for Real-time Embedded Applications for Broadcasting 65 Available memory size also affects the way how data and information is handled in the embedded system. Proper algorithm design helps reducing size of temporary data structures used for data processing. Using rather one common variable/buffer for data. You will find in this chapter definitions, principles and concepts related to System Architecture and System Design as well as interesting discussions concerning these subjects. ♦ Definition of System Architecture and of System Design – section 4.1 ♦ Approach to System Architecture and Design – section 4.2, including. The Distributed Real-Time System If the real-time computer system is distributed, it consists of a set of computer nodes interconnected by a real-time. In a scalable architecture, the complexity of reasoning about the proper operation of any system function is independent of the system.

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